Our purpose is not letting your production stop.

At Torfresma, we are dedicated to providing a pleasant and productive work environment that values the wellbeing and quality life of our employees. Balancing personal and professional growth got us here and will continue driving us forward.


  • Health Insurance;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Anniversary Present;
  • Paternity and Maternity Present;
  • Award for every 5 years with the company;
  • Christmas gift;


If you are interested in working with us, submit your resume to our Talent Bank. As soon as an opportunity arises, we will contact you.

We also accept resumes in person during business hours at the administrative building.

Torfresma Apprentice Program

Torfresma Apprentice Program

Since 2015, Torfresma has partnered with SENAI in the Industrial Learning Project, giving young people the opportunity to combine theory and practice. Participants have the opportunity to study part-time at SENAI and earn a wage working part-time at Torfresma under the supervision of a professional.

This program provides great market initiative by giving young people opportunities and allowing us to discover new talent that we can mold into qualified professionals.

Claudimar Bortolin, director of Torfresma, is considered to be a "son" of SENAI, and despite the company's exponential growth, he never forgets his roots.

Transparência Salarial

Se você, assim como nós, acredita na transparência como uma ferramenta de envolvimento social e alavancagem profissional com igualdade à todos, aproveite sua visita ao nosso site e dê uma olhada em nosso relatório de Transparência Salarial.

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