{phrase:destaques} Intralogistics

Projects installed with a flow of more than 4,000 boxes / hour.

Lines capable of simultaneously working with boxes of different types, sizes, and weights.

Management of a high number of SKUs.



Modular Conveyors

Conveyors with modular bets capable of accumulating and stopping boxes and moving them at an incline or decline.

Roller Conveyors

Dead or power roller conveyors for box movement and picking.


90-degree and 30-degree sorters capable of sorting heavy and light boxes for low and high production volumes.

Pallet Conveyors

Pallet conveyors for fully automatic handling and directing of empty and full pallets.

Strech Wrapper Machine

Integrated into palletizing cells and acquired from top-of-the-line companies that specialize in manufacturing stretch wrappers machines.

Machinery and equipment for industries that cannot stop.

Lacking automation in intralogistics is not an indicator of an efficient operation. Count on Torfresma´s equipment to organize your plant, reduce lead time, avoid losses, and eliminate operational inefficiency.

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