{phrase:destaques} Hamburger Patties

Torfresma´ s equipment aids the production of 95% of the hamburger patties made in Brazil.

Team of qualified specialists, you can count on to assist you from the beginning of the project to the technical support.

Customizable projects in automation, developed side by side with your team.

More than 100 automatic hamburger patty lines installed.

Leading supplier of automatic hamburger patty feeders.



Bulk lines

Automatic high speed singulator for horizontal flow wrapper

Guarantees greater speed and food safety.

Counter and stacker


Automate your hamburger patty packing operations.

Case Packing

Customized hamburger case packing systems.


Manual and automatic palletizing to attend low and high production volumes.

Machinery and equipment for industries that cannot stop.

An outdated process impacts the productivity of your operation and compromises the quality of your brand. Automate your plant with Torfresma and solve line inefficiency, increase production volume, and guarantee food safety. You can count on us!

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