{phrase:destaques} Beef

We have developed some of the largest deboning rooms in Brazil.

Present in the large cattle slaughter and deboning groups in Brazil and Latin America.

Kosher process solutions installed in Brazil and Latin America.

Leading supplier of tunnel entry and exit systems.




Automated sanitary access system and sanitary washing system for boots.


Efficiency in processes and equipment that combine robustness with a quality finish.


Development of processes with personalized flow.


Development of processes with personalized flow.

Cold storage

Equipment that combines robustness with a quality finish.

Primary and secondary packaging

Custom flow to optimize packaging processes.


Entry and exit of tunnels, diverters, strapping, weighing, and labeling.

Case Packing

Automatic case packing.


Manual and Automatic palletizing to attend low and high volumes and a variety of SKUs


Processes and systems that allow for the monitoring of products at different stages of production.

Yield control

Get access to plant information in real time. Total yield per plant, line, and employee.

Attached sectors

Development of processes with customized flows.


Kosher processes that will meet your needs.

Special projects

Machines and equipment developed to meet the specific necessities of certain processes.

Machinery and equipment for industries that cannot stop.

We know that your production can´t stop. Therefore, we are here to innovate with you and your team to create exclusive, personalized, and highly reliable solutions. You can count on us! Together we will optimize the productive capacity of your plant and generate results.

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