Torfresma Highlights

Over <b>250 major companies</b> served.

Over 250 major companies served.

More than <b>1.000 industrial lines</b> designed and installed.

More than 1.000 industrial lines designed and installed.

Global Presence

Global Presence

We could write an extensive text about the hundreds of solutions we've developed through our years of experience working with companies in the most diverse segments: meat, dairy, food, cosmetics and more. 28 years of operating history in the national and international scope, working with brands that you consume and trust has been invaluable.

However, the most important message we want to transmit is that we are equipped and ready to improve your industrial processes and find solutions to your problems, whatever they may be: From failures in the production line, to low productivity, high internal costs and complexities in operational management.

You can count on Torfresma because our top priority is to combat operational inefficiency.

A team of experts will be available throughout the entirety of the project, and to assist you post completion, because where there is Torfresma, there is total commitment to you and your business.



See how Torfresma helped create an entirely new setting for a cosmetics giant with more than 130 years of history:

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28 Years of history

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