Privacy policy

How do we collect your data?

Your personal data (“Data”) are valuable assets that must be preserved. So you need to know exactly how they can be used. That is precisely why we created this Privacy Policy (“Policy”).

For your navigation on our sites

We collect data when you access our sites, perform searches, participate in promotions, online events, fill out forms, as in the case of sending comments, requesting services and demos or participating in the mailing lists.

We also collect your Data when you access our websites through your computer, cell phone, smart TV and / or other access device. The data collected includes: your approximate location (latitude and longitude); your IP address; information from your access device (such as unit identifier, advertising identifier, name and type of operating system); information of your internet connection; type of your browser and the pages and content you access.

Using cookies

Cookies are used to observe visiting habits. They allow us to remember your preferences, deliver ads and analyze audiences. Learn more about our Cookies policy to find out how we use them and how you can change or block their use.

Can i request or delete my data?

You can request your data at any time. You have the right to receive them in a simplified format.

At any time you can request that your data be deleted. Within 180 days your data will be permanently deleted. After your data has been deleted, Torfresma will only be able to keep your data under the following conditions:

a) For the period necessary to complete judicial, administrative, and arbitration proceedings;

b) For the compliance of legal or regulatory obligation;

c) For the regular exercise of rights, for example, enforcing Torfresma’s rights based on the applicable service contract and / or Terms of Use;

d) In an anonymized format.

You can contact us through our phone +55 (49) 3631 - 4200 - Extension 288, or through the email

How we use your data?

We use your Data to:

Communicate with you

We collect your data to improve our products and services, respond when you contact us and to keep you informed about relevant issues:

  • Respond when you get in touch, according to the relationship we have estabilished;
  • Conduct surveys in order to test, solve problems, improve or evaluate our products and services;
  • Communicate about events, announcements, in your email account, by text message, messaging application and phone call (including telemarketing);
  • Inform about changes to our terms, services or policies (including this Policy);
  • Offer new products and services to you, through your e-mail account, by text message, messaging application and telephone call (including telemarketing).

Personalize your experience

Your Data helps us create a more personalized experience, selecting content and advertising according to your interests:

  • Select and personalize ads for you, on or off our Sites;
  • Customize the content and advertising that we show on our Sites;
  • Make inferences about content and topics that may be of interest to you;
  • Identify and recommend Torfresma content, products and services that may be of interest to you.

Comply with our legal and regulatory obligations

Your Data may be necessary for us to comply with legal and regulatory determinations and measures, whether judicial or administrative:

  • Comply with legal, judicial and administrative provisions and letters from competent authorities; and
  • Take or cause legal, judicial and administrative measures to defend our rights, including in any judicial or administrative process.

Who we share your data with?

We may share your Data with third parties, who follow our security and confidentiality standards.

Third parties

Your Data may be shared with third party categories (below) always in accordance with this Policy, the applicable legislation, for the purposes set out below.

Marketing automation platforms

To store your Data and automate the process of sending email marketing, SMS and telemarketing. In these circumstances, your Data will be stored and processed on third-party platforms, which may be located in Brazil or abroad.

Marketing Service Providers

In order to offer relevant ads to your profile, email marketing, telemarketing, SMS, we rely on third party services.

Government authorities

In order to (i) comply with legal, judicial and administrative provisions and also comply with letters from competent authorities and (ii) take or cause legal, judicial and administrative measures to defend our rights provided for in this Policy, including in any judicial or administrative process. Governmental authorities are understood to mean police authorities, public entities and / or other governmental organizations.

Business Partners

To (i) improve our products and services; (ii) expand our business; (iii) develop new businesses.

Why is this data collected and treated?

Google Ads:

Google Ads is an online advertising tool that displays ads in the form of sponsored links as soon as a person performs a search, basing their results on the keywords used at the time of the search. The Google Ads privacy policy will be accessed here.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s paid media system that offers several ad formats. With it we created Torfresma advertising campaigns and strategies on Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook Ads privacy policy will be accessed here.

RD Station:

RD Station Marketing is a tool for Digital Marketing automation. We use it to gather the main resources for our marketing strategy, such as triggering the newsletter, storing landing pages and e-mail contacts, in which you have registered in our newsletter or service pages. The RD Station privacy policy will be accessed here.

Policy changes and contact

Always we are improving our policy Privacy policy and our policy Cookies policy and the changes will be reflected on these pages. Then, before using any of our services, they are a sight. Always will notify you of any change, if required by a notice in other Websites, by sending an e-mail, SMS or by other means.

When we publish changes, we will update the closing date when the last change is published (March 16, 2021).

Remember: if you continue to access the Services even though changing currencies are in effect, you accept to be subject to the new version of the Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Policies or the treatment of your Data, contact us:

In Person:
Torfresma Industrial Ltda
Rua Arno Erich Schwambach,910
São Miguel do Oeste - SC – Brasil
DPO:Angela Macena de Oliveira

By Phone:
+(55) 49 3631 4200
Extension: 247

Through the Internet:

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