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Over <b>300 major companies</b> served.

Over 300 major companies served.

More than <b>1.000 industrial lines</b> designed and installed.

More than 1.000 industrial lines designed and installed.

Global Presence

Global Presence


A company that stands still, gets left behind by the competition. Take a look at our solutions:

This year's trade shows:

January, 24-26
Atlanta - Georgia
February, 21-23
Monterrey - Mexico
Fispal Tecnologia
June, 27-30
São Paulo - Brazil
September, 12-15
Chapecó - Brazil
Pack Expo Las Vegas
September, 11-13
Las Vegas - NV USA
10ºCurso Carnico
September, 12-14
Medellín - Colombia
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Robust machines and equipment for high performance beef plants. Increase efficiency in the production line and profitability with Torfresma.

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Wasting time and money on equipment that requires a lot of maintenance? Let Torfresma help you increase efficiency and reduce setbacks.

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With more than 28 years of experience, Torfresma can help you optimize your production line and gain more market recognition.

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Torfresma is present in the largest fish plants in Brazil. Count on a partner who understands the challenge of building and improving your plant.

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Hamburger Patties

More efficiency, food safety, fewer failures and unnecessary costs. Optimize your hamburger factory and generate results.

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Case Packing

Automate your case packing process with specialists and put an end to lack of ergonomics, failures and high input costs.

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Tailor-made solutions that guarantee continuous and reliable end of line operations.

All about palletizing of Torfresma


Top of the line automation in intralogistics is crucial for a successful and efficient operation. Check out our solutions.

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Special projects

Special projects

Exclusive, personalized, and highly reliable solutions developed side by side with you and your team.

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Innovating With Avon

See how Torfresma took part in the creation of an entirely new setting for a cosmetics giant with over 130 years of operating history:

Operational inefficiency can cause various issues:

  • High internal costs;
  • Low productivity;
  • Production failures;
  • Complexity in operational management;
  • Uncertainty in decision making;
  • Loss of competitiveness in the market.

Torfresma can help you resolve these issues.

Technology for Industries that cannot stop.

When your industrial operations stop, everyone loses. That’s why in addition to high-quality machines and equipment we offer real and efficient technical support.
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